About the Museum of the Confederacy

The Museum of the Confederacy’s mission is to serve as the preeminent world center for the display, study, interpretation, commemoration, and preservation of the history and artifacts of the Confederate States of America.

The Museum of the Confederacy owns the world’s most comprehensive collection of artifacts and documents related to the Confederate States of America, in total over 130,000 items. A vast majority of those items were donated directly from the soldiers and families who lived through America’s most defining era.

Operating in Richmond, VA since 1896, The Museum of the Confederacy has expanded with the addition of a new location. With the Museum & White House of the Confederacy in Richmond and the Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox, an extraordinary experience is now available in more locations.

The Museum of the Confederacy is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All financial contributions made to the Museum are tax-deductible. You can view the Museum of the Confederacy's Form 990 here.