Staff Roster (By Name)

Gail Anderson Director, Retail and Visitor Services ext. 150 E-mail Gail Anderson
Eric App Director of Museum Operations ext. 135 E-mail Eric App
Stephanie Arduini Director of Education ext. 124 E-mail Stephanie Arduini
Shelly Berger Registrar ext. 112 E-mail Shelly Berger
Christie Ann Bieber Director, Strategic Initiatives ext. 134 E-mail Christie Ann Bieber
Dolphine Brooks Accounting Assistant ext. 156 E-mail Dolphine Brooks
Josie Butler Education Services Manager (Appomattox) ext. 203 E-mail Josie Butler
Penelope Carrington Creative Services Manager ext. 142 E-mail Penelope Carrington
Christy Coleman Co-CEO ext. 140 E-mail Christy Coleman
John Coski Historian and Vice President of Research & Publications ext. 131 E-mail John Coski
Sam Craghead Public Relations Manager ext. 113 E-mail Sam Craghead
Jodi Frederiksen Collections Manager ext. 116 E-mail Jodi Frederiksen
Marny Hackley Development Officer ext. 144 E-mail Marny Hackley
Kelly Hancock Manager of Education & Programs ext. 121 E-mail Kelly Hancock
Robert Hancock Director of Collections and Senior Curator ext. 115 E-mail Robert Hancock
George Harmer Development Manager ext. 145 E-mail George Harmer
Rachel Harper Development Coordinator ext. 146 E-mail Rachel Harper
Katrina Hitt Visitor Service & Merchandise Coordinator ext. 152 E-mail Katrina Hitt
Cindi Hulse Director of Human Resources ext. 132 E-mail Cindi Hulse
Tracy Hynes Special Events Coordinator ext. 148 E-mail Tracy Hynes
Sean Kane Museum Educator ext. 123 E-mail Sean Kane
Randy Klemm Curator ext. 117 E-mail Randy Klemm
Ginger LaPrade Executive Assistant ext. 127 E-mail Ginger LaPrade
Linda Lipscomb Appomattox Site Director ext. 204 E-mail Linda Lipscomb
Lynn Meyer Chief Development Officer ext. 143 E-mail Lynn Meyer
Brian Musselwhite Visitor Services Manager ext. 151 E-mail Brian Musselwhite
Andrew Phinney Facilities Manager ext. 147 E-mail Andrew Phinney
S. Waite Rawls III Co-CEO ext. 130 E-mail Waite Rawls
Leo Rohr Marketing Manager ext. 141 E-mail Leo Rohr
Patrick Saylor Director of Marketing and Public Relations ext. 120 E-mail Patrick Saylor
Bob Sayre Visitor Services Manager (Appomattox) ext. 202 E-mail Bob Sayre
Hilliary Turner Museum Education Specialist ext. 122 E-mail Hilliary Turner
Bryce VanStavern Supervisor of White House Operations ext. 111 E-mail Bryce VanStavern
Teresa Walton Bookkeeper ext. 133 E-mail Teresa Walton
Madeline Wood Membership Coordinator ext. 161 E-mail Madeline Wood
Cathy Wright Curator ext. 114 E-mail Cathy Wright