Commemoration and Preservation

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Burying the Dead but Not the Past
White women across the south organized to retrieve and rebury the remains of Confederate soldiers scattered throughout the region. These Ladies Memorial Associations shaped the politics, culture and society of the late 19th century long before the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the United Daughters of the Confederacy were established.
Length:  1 hr.

Richmond’s Civil War Monuments: Where They Are, How They Got There and What They Mean
Richmond’s Civil War statues are such a familiar part of the city’s landscape and heritage that we rarely ask when they were erected, who decided who was to be honored and where the statues were to be placed, or why the statues look the way they do. This PowerPoint presentation explores the “back stories” behind the monuments and what they tell us about the shaping of our commemorative landscape.
Length:  1 hr.

Flag Conservation Program
This PowerPoint presentation covers the flag collection of the Museum and our current conservation efforts, showcasing numerous flags—both familiar and strange.
Length:  1 hr.

Message in a Bottle
The Museum recently opened a 147-year-old bottle in its collections – only to find a secret coded message that had never been delivered. Learn what cryptology and the Siege of Vicksburg have to do with one another, in this exploration of a truly unique research project.
Length:  1 hr.

Mysteries Revealed: Current Uses of Science and Technology in the Museum's Collections
Advances in science and technology are enabling the Museum to learn more about the objects in their collections than ever before. Discover what x-rays, bloodstain analysis, and radiation can tell you about Civil War history! 
Length: 1 hour

Legacy of the Confederacy
The program covers the founding of the museum—its origins and objectives—and concentrates on the individual ladies who were instrumental in its beginning.
Length:  1 hr.

Why Study History, especially Confederate History?
“Know the past, understand the present.”  This program explores how the American Civil War helped define us as a nation and why the Civil War continues to be a catalyst for debate.
Length:  1 hr.

Oddities and Curiosities from the Museum’s Collection
The Museum has acquired many strange objects over the years.  Sometimes they appear bizarre; other times they look ordinary, but have extraordinary stories behind them.  Through the use of PowerPoint this program will help you discover some of the weirdest pieces in the collection.
Length:  1hr.