The Naval War

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The Development of Ironclad Ships of War and the Battle of Hampton Roads
With the development of the exploding shell in naval warfare, the nations of the world found a defense with the use of iron to protect the hull of a warship. Though the idea of iron plating had been used prior to the American Civil War, the first meeting of opposing ironclads took place in Hampton Roads on March 9, 1862.
Length:   45 min.

Why Rhett wasn’t with Scarlet when Atlanta was Burning
This talk is a look at the blockade runners during the war. It was a business that required the presence of the captain whenever possible.
Length:  45 min.

Great Britain and the Raiders of the Lost Cause
This program is a look at Great Britain’s involvement with the Confederate Navy, the building of the ships Florida, Alabama, and Shenandoah, and what it cost Great Britain in payment to the United States government in 1873 to settle what became known as the “Alabama Claims.”
Length:  45 min.

Raiders of the Lost Cause: Shenandoah
This program looks at the cruise and ultimate fate of the Confederate raider Shenandoah. Learn how this ship surrendered the last Confederate flag.
Length:  45 min.

Infernal Machines
Although known as mines today, they were referred to as “infernal machines” during the Civil War. Learn how underwater mines or torpedoes were the most successful weapon the Confederates used against the Union Navy, sinking or damaging fifty-five of their ships.
Length:  45 min.