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Glass Vial - Cobalt

This piece is an example of a commonly used household item. It is not a reproduction of an artifact. Each piece was hand-blown and is one of a kind. No two pieces are identical.
The natural color of glass is green, because sand has iron oxide or rust in it naturally.
All of the Jamestown Glasshouse produced pieces are hand-blown and crafted by local artisans. The natural color of glass is green so if you seek historical accuracy then your best selection is the green glass items. Since every piece is hand blown and crafted there will be slight irregularities and therefore no two items will be exactly the same. Handblown Glass Vial is approx. 6'' tall. Hand wash in warm water and mild soap.

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Civil War Coin Combo Wine Stopper/Corkscrew

This unique wine stopper/corkscrew features a pewter Civil War coin.  The decorative top unscrews from the stopper portion to reveal a useful corkscrew!  A must-have for any wine lover!  See also our Civil War Coin Shot Glass!

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Stonewall Jackson Coin Wine Stopper

This unique wine stopper features a pewter coin with Stonewall Jackson’s name, picture, and birth and death years.  See also our Stonewall Jackson Coin Shot Glass!

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Robert E. Lee Coin Wine Stopper

This unique wine stopper features a pewter coin with Robert E. Lee’s name, picture, and birth and death years.  See also our Robert E. Lee Coin Shot Glass!

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Civil War in Virginia Snow Globe

This snow globe depicts a Confederate soldier mounted on his horse in front of a Confederate flag, and a Union soldier with a cannon in front of the Union flag. Shake this globe to make it snow on the soldiers, as it so often did in Virginia and other states during the war. 3.75”x 2.5” base, 4” tall.

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Flags of the Confederacy Bookmark

Flags Bookmark

This bookmark contains images and descriptions of all three official flags of the Confederacy, as well as the most widely recognized flag.  8" long.

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Confederate Lenticular Ruler

Lenticular Ruler

This holographic ruler depicts one of two scenes, depending on the light:  the first shows President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee, with a picture of Stonewall Jackson as well as several Confederate artifacts.  The second depicts a Confederate cavalry, embroiled in battle.  Full length (12") ruler.

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General Lee Bookmark

Lee Bookmark

This bookmark showcases several Lee effects and graphics, and gives explanations for each item pictured on the back, as well as a brief write-up on Lee.  7" long.

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Replica Civil War Napoleon Cannon

Napoleon Cannon

Highly detailed replica of a Napoleon Cannon.  A perfect Civil War collectible!  Measures 8.5" length.

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Civil War Battlefield Map

Battlefield Map

This old-timey feel parchment map lists many battlefields throughout the US from the Civil War.  This map comes free with the purchase of the Puzzle in a Bottle, which is a picture of this map!  No need to add this to your cart if you get the puzzle - the map will come with it automatically.

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