The old-timey tunes will be flowing quickly with these entertaining instruments.

Civil War Era Jaw Harp

Jaw Harp

Jaw harps were among the items traded by peddlers in the early American settlements, and later entertained the pioneers on their long treks west. The note the jaw harp produces depends upon the dimensions of its vibrating tongue, with interesting effects produced by changes in the players breathing patterns. A hardened steel vibrating tongue is mounted on the 3 1/2 metal (lead-free alloy) frame. Each harp is hand tuned and packaged in a poly bag with a history and instruction sheet.


Civil War Era Tin Pennywhistle

Tin Pennywhistle

This handcrafted tin pennywhistle is made in the traditional conical design,12 long, with lead-free solder seam and wood plug. Key of D; packaged in a poly bag with music, history, and instruction sheet.


Civil War Era Signal Whistle

Signal Whistle

During the American Civil War, bugles and drums were normally utilized to convey commands to the troops. Not every unit, however, had a trained bugler at hand. Signal Whistles were then used, particularly when vocal commands were not effective. Typical whistle signals and directions for blowing included. Wooden with plastic loop. Whistle is about 5 long.


Civil War Era Hohner Pocket Pal Harmonica

Hohner Pocket Pal Harmonica

Harmonicas were among the toys and novelties advertised for sale for Christmas presents in 1833; by the mid-1800s, cowboys were playing their harmonicas on the long trails west, and many a Civil War soldier had a harmonica in his pocket. These Hohner harmonicas come in the key of C and are individually packaged in a poly bag with a history and instruction insert.

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