These old-fashioned puzzles and toys prove that good ideas never go out of style.

Civil War Era Colorful Jacob's Ladder

Colorful Jacob's Ladder

A smaller, more colorful version of our classic Jacob's Ladder!  While it is about 2/3 the size of the classic, it is certainly not short on fun!  Colorful ribbons connect 6 bright wooden blocks that cascade down the ladder.  Approx 2" x 12"

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Civil War Era Glass Marbles


Marble games have been played in all parts of the world with all manner of playing pieces for more than two thousand years.  Children in colonial America played with marbles made of stone or clay, while nineteenth century children counted glass marbles among their treasured playthings.  Enclosure games, hole games, chase games, and conquering games are traditional marble games that are still very popular today.  Includes instructions for one of the oldest and widely played of the enclosure games is included.

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Civil War Era Wooden Dice

Wooden Dice

Civil War wooden dice games includes wooeden dice and instructions on several popular camp games played by soldiers during the Civil War

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Civil War Era Pewter Jacks

Pewter Jacks

A centuries old game also called dibs and jackstones. The pewter jacks are a mid-nineteenth century update to this timeless children's game. The wooden ball was used in earlier versions. Set comes in a leather pouch. Made in U.S.A

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Civil War Era Game of Graces

Game of Graces

Opponents send gaily beribboned hoops whirling towards each other to be caught on the tips of slender wands in this exciting and elegant sport. The Game of Graces was considered both proper and beneficial exercise for young ladies in the early 1800s and it was proper as well for boys to play it among themselves. Natural wooden hoops and wands. Contains colored ribbons for decoration and instructions on how to play. Hoops are approx. 10 in diameter and wands are approx. 22.5 long.

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Civil War Era Pyramid Puzzle

Pyramid Puzzle

Rotate and assemble the wooden pieces to build this tricky pyramid. Natural wooden pieces. 2.75 each side.

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Civil War Era Crosslock Puzzle

Crosslock Puzzle

Get the pieces of wood separated without using any force, and then put them back. Natural wooden pieces, 3.5 long.

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Civil War Era Cube Puzzle

Cube Puzzle

Strategically put the pieces together to form a perfect cube. Natural wooden pieces. 1.5 on all sides.

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Civil War Era Cannonball Puzzle

Cannonball Puzzle

Stack 'em high to build a pyramid of cannonballs.. Keep your ammunition at the ready! Natural wooden triangle base, painted wooden pieces. 3.75 on all sides.

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Civil War Era Buzz Saw

Buzz Saw

The sound of the whirling disk lends this toy its common name of Buzzer, although it appears in English literature as early as 1686 under the general name for spinning toys, Whirligig. In far-flung cultures and throughout history, buzzers have been made by and for children from all sorts of materials and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Natural wooden handles and saw. Handles measure 3.5 long and saw measures 3.25 in diameter. Length of full toy is approx. 17.

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