Who can I talk to about an artifact?
The Museum staff will gladly answer any questions relating to the Museum’s artifacts. An appointment may be arranged with a museum curator, if needed. For general questions, please email us. For flag inquiries, please email us.

How do I go about donating an artifact?
The Museum welcomes all donations, although our space is limited and we are only able to accept those artifacts, books and documents that best meet the mission of the Museum. If you are interested in donating an artifact, please email us.

How can I find out if you have a particular artifact?
For flags, please email us. For all other artifacts, please email us.

Do you have a civilian collection?
Yes, the Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts relating to the Confederate home front.

Can I see a particular artifact?
Yes (generally speaking), if you schedule a research appointment.

How do I arrange a research appointment?
The Museum staff request that you schedule your research appointment at least two weeks in advance. To schedule an appointment to see a flag, please email us. To schedule an appointment to see all other artifacts, please email us.

Is there a research fee?
There is a $12.00 research fee for non-members, a $6.00 research fee for students, and complimentary resarch appointments for members.

What do I need to bring with me for research?
You can bring a laptop computer, pencils and pad.

How do I donate to Flag Conservation Program?
Please click here to donate to the Flag Conservation Program.