Artifact Research

The Museum of the Confederacy preserves the world’s largest collection of Confederate Civil War artifacts. The Museum makes artifacts and information about them accessible via a variety of research services.

Onsite Research Appointments

Researchers may make an appointment to view an item or items in the Museum’s collections. Appointments are $12.00 for non-members, $6.00 for students, and free for Museum members. This fee includes admission to the Museum’s exhibitions (but not a tour of the White House of the Confederacy). All appointments must be scheduled in advance (generally two weeks).

To schedule an appointment, please email us.

Object Worksheets

Object worksheets are schematic drawings that detail an artifact, providing general information and dimensions. These are intended for personal use only; written permission must be obtained to reproduce artifacts from the Museum’s collection. Existing worksheets are $15.00 each for Museum members, or $30.00 each for non-members. Researchers requesting the creation of new object worksheets for artifacts will be charged correspondence research fees at a rate of $10.00 for the first hour (waived for members) and then $30.00 for every hour after for detailed requests requiring more time. Worksheets can be sent via email or USPS (postage fees apply). Fees must be prepaid.

To request an object worksheet, please email us.

Exhibit Catalogs

The Museum of the Confederacy has also published companion volumes to several of its exhibits and catalogs of portions of its extensive collection. To purchase a copy of the publications below, browse The Haversack Store online. The following titles are available:

  • R.E. Lee
  • The Confederate Navy
  • Women In Mourning
  • Before Freedom Came
  • A Catalogue of Uniforms
  • Cased Image Photographs
  • A Century of Collecting
  • Soldier Art
  • The White House Pictorial Tour