September 2014 Artifact of the Month

Saddle of John Hunt Morgan

On September 4, 1864, Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan was killed by Union troops at Greeneville, Tennessee. 

Morgan’s was a colorful career that started at university when he was suspended for dueling. He was a volunteer in the Mexican War, a successful businessman in Lexington, Kentucky, and later organized a militia unit called the Lexington Rifles.  At the beginning of the Civil War he led scouting raids against the Federals in Kentucky even before being sworn into Confederate service as colonel of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry. By the end of the following year, he was a brigadier general. He continued his raids on Union railroads and supply lines and excursions into northern territory unabated until he was finally captured near New Lisbon, Ohio, only to escape from Ohio State Penitentiary and continue his raids in Kentucky and Tennessee. His luck finally ran out when he and his men were surprised in the early morning hours while encamped near Greeneville, Tennessee, and Morgan was killed trying to escape. 

The Mexican-made saddle, with a silver cantle and horn and heavily embroidered with silver thread, was presented to John Hunt Morgan “by his friends in Augusta, Ga., May 1862.”

This item is currently on display in the Museum of the Confederacy-Richmond's Confederate Years exhibit. 

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