November 2014 Document of the Month

The Museum library collection includes more than 4,500 loose miscellaneous wartime and postwar newspapers and dozens of bound volumes containing continuous runs of wartime papers from Richmond, Charleston, Columbia, South Carolina, Baltimore, and New York.  Among the rare loose issues are camp newspapers produced by Federal and Confederate soldiers and newspapers printed in Federally-occupied Southern cities by Northern or Unionist publishers.


A group of Northern war correspondents started the weekly Palmetto Herald in 1864, more than two years after the Federals captured Port Royal and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, transforming it into a key base for the U.S. Navy and an important freedmen’s community. This November 10, 1864 issue (the only one in the Museum collection) notes the third anniversary of the battle of Port Royal. 


Ironically, much of the news broadcast in this pro-Union newspaper came from “Clippings from late Rebel newspapers.” One item in this issue quoted a source claiming that Confederate cavalry was surrounding Atlanta and that “The garrison is studying the means of escape from Atlanta.” In fact, within days, Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman’s troops burned parts of the city and “escaped” via the (in)famous March to the Sea.


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