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General John Bell Hood did not live to see the publication in 1880 of his memoir, Advance and Retreat: Personal Experiences in the United States and in the Confederate States Armies. He and his wife died in a yellow fever epidemic in 1879; proceeds (ultimately totaling $30,000) from the sale of the memoir went to a fund to support their ten remaining children.

Decades later, Hood’s daughters donated to the Confederate Museum the handwritten and amended manuscript of Advance and Retreat. Shown here are the title page and the beginnings of Chapters XIII and XIV, which cover the last phase of the Atlanta Campaign in August 1864 and Hood’s sustained correspondence with Gen. William T. Sherman over the rules of war. Hood also spilled much ink in Advance and Retreat replying to his former Confederate comrades, notably Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, whose 1874 Narrative of Military Operations blamed Hood for the loss of Atlanta.

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