In Our Vaults:

The following is a listing of the major collections that are housed within the Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Archives.

Jefferson Davis Family Collection
Featuring letters of Jefferson, Varina, and Varina Anne "Winnie" Davis, but consisting primarily of correspondence written to Jefferson Davis.

Confederate Government and Bureaucracy Collection
In particular, record books of the Treasury Department and Patent Office.

Confederate Military Leaders Collections
Including significant collections relating to Archer and Joseph Reid Anderson, P. G. T. Beauregard, Henry Heth, Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, Sam Jones, Robert E. Lee, Dabney H. Maury, John S. Mosby, W. H. F. Payne, and J. E. B. Stuart; an alphabetically arranged collection of official and unofficial documents by more than 100 other Confederate general officers.

Robert E. Lee’s Appointment as Confederate General
Confederate States Army Collection Series Collections of returns and correspondence from the Department of South Carolina and Georgia and General Carter L. Stevenson’s division, Army of Tennessee; several hundred muster rolls of Confederate companies; incidental papers relating to individual regiments, primarily in the Army of Northern Virginia; large collections of routine documents from several quartermaster and commissary officers; and letters and diaries written by Confederate soldiers.

Confederate Prisoners of War Collection
A large collection of letters from Confederate prisoners held in Federal prison camps and 37 prisoner autograph books, primarily from Johnson’s Island, Ohio.

Confederate Medical and Hospital Series
Featuring the papers of medical personnel, hospitals, and morning reports.

Family History Series
Featuring the paper of soldiers and civilians that span the antebellum to postwar time periods.  Most notable are the correspondence of a New York civilian who was engaged to a Confederate Virginian.

Southern Women’s History Collection
A significant collection of original records of wartime women’s associations, wartime letters, and postwar reminiscences.

African American History Collection
A small collection of documents relating to slaves, free blacks, and the employment of African Americans in the Confederate army.

Hollywood Memorial Association Collection
The central archives of the association, 1866-1934.

United Daughters of the Confederacy Collection
A large collection of proceedings, chapter records, and historical records/reminiscences, primarily of the Virginia Division, 1900-1930; and sixty scrapbooks of "historical records" compiled by Mildred Lewis Rutherford, UDC historian general, 1910-1916.

Veterans Collection
Published programs and proceedings of the UCV and Virginia Division reunions and meetings, as well as manuscript records of the New York Camp and several Virginia camps (some publications of Army of Northern Virginia and Army of Tennessee associations).

Confederate Monuments and Memorials Collection
Large collections of original records relating to the Jefferson Davis Monument and Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Richmond, along with incidental documents and dedication addresses relating to dozens of southern monuments.

Southern Historical Society Collection
A large collection of minute books and correspondence of the SHS (especially 1876-1894), along with manuscript copies of items published in Southern Historical Society Papers and a small collection of unpublished manuscripts.

Confederate Memorial Literary Society "Roll of Honour"
A 346-volume biographical register containing names and basic information on approximately 1 in 15 Confederate soldiers, not to be confused with the Confederate Army’s Roll of Honor

Confederate Imprint Collection
One of the world’s largest collections of items printed in the South from 1861-1864; indexed in published catalogs under the symbol "ViRC".

Sheet Music Collection
More than 700 pieces of loose sheet music and bound volumes.

George W. and Douglas B. Ball Numismatic Collection
Confederate currency, bonds and other financial instruments such as stock certificates, depositary certificates, and treasury checks.

Map Collection
Robert E. Lee's Mexico Map
More than 400 items, including 115 manuscript maps; features maps created by the Confederate Topographical Engineers Bureau.


Newspapers Collection
Several thousand wartime and postwar newspapers, including extensive wartime runs of bound newspapers from New York, Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia, and scattered issues of more than 100 rare newspapers from the South, North, and Europe during the Civil War era.

Prints and Sketches
The Museum’s collection of works of art on paper, comprising more than 1,000 lithographs, etchings, engravings, sketches, drawings, watercolors, and other media, featuring portraits of famous and obscure Confederates, battle and naval scenes, historically significant buildings, monuments, and works by Confederate soldier artists William Ludwell Sheppard and Allen Christian Redwood.

United States Army Collection
Although the vast majority of material in the Library relates to the Confederacy, it also houses a small collection of official and unofficial papers relating to Union generals, soldiers, and commands.