The Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox offers a variety of field trip options for elementary, middle and high school students. All programs are designed to supplement Virginia Standards of Learning (VS 1, VS 7, VS 8, USI 1, USI 9, USII 1, USII 3, VUS 1, and VUS 7) and can be tailored to meet the specific learning needs of your class. To discuss a schedule and make a reservation, please call (855) 649-1861 x.203 or email us today.

Group rates apply to prescheduled groups of 10 or more students.
Adults:         $7.00   
One teacher/chaperone is admitted free for every ten students.

Field Trips

The Museum Tour | 30 minutes
Beginning with a review of the causes of the war---slavery, states’ rights and regional differences—trained educators guide students through the Museum’s main exhibit, which highlights the road to Appomattox, the surrender of General Lee to General Grant and the road home for the soldiers, civilians and the newly freed African Americans. Students view artifacts belonging to General Robert E. Lee, as well as affects of the common soldier.
SOLs: VS 1, VS 7, VS 8, USI 1, USI 9, USII 1, USII 3, VUS 1 & VUS 7

The Common Soldier | 30 minutes
Meet a common soldier who explains the daily life of a soldier. Reproduction weapons, uniforms and personal belongings give students a hands-on introduction to camp life.
Grades 3-11 | SOLs: VS 1, VS 7, USI 1, & USI 9, VUS 1,& VUS.7

Interactive Student Programs | 30 minutes
Please choose one per visit.

Life on the Homefront
Students discover the impact of war on the homefront examining jobs created by war and the changing workforce.  Other topics explored include inflation, wages, shortages, and subtitutions.
Grades 4-11 | SOLs VS 1, VS 7, USI 1, & USI 9, VUS 1, & VUS 7

African Americans: From Slavery to Emancipation
Using reproductions objects and photos, this program highlights, changes in the lives of African Americans. Themes include plantation life, the Emancipation Proclamation, the U.S. Colored Troops and the contributions of Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman.
Grades 4-11 | SOLs: VS 1, VS 7, USI 1, USI 8, USI 9,  USII 3, VUS 1, & VUS 7,. Please specify Virginia Studies or US History.  Programs are SOL specific.

Medical Practices of the Civil War
Reproduction 19th-century medical equipment allows students to explore the treatment of wounded soldiers.  Students learn about the horrors of disease and participate in a mock amputation.
Grades 4-11 | SOLs: VS 1. VS 7, USI 1, USI 9, VUS 1 & VUS 7