Fun and Games

While the content here is designed for kids, visitors of all ages may find the resources in this section both entertaining and educational.

The Museum of the Confederacy offers a variety of fun programs and events for families throughout the year. Explore what’s happening at the Museum and come face to face with history!

Children's History Activities

Select an activity below to play.

Activity: Make Your Own Drum!

1. Use an empty shortening or coffee can.
2. Measure the circumference and height of the can and cut a piece of butcher paper or construction paper to go around the can.

3. Before attaching the paper, decorate it with a patriotic design.
4. Wrap the paper around the can and secure with either glue or tape.
5. Drumsticks—have an adult cut a dowel rod into 2' - long segments.


Kids visiting the Museum in Richmond can be challenged with a scavenger hunt that takes them throughout our exhibits. Complete all of the items to get a special prize! Just ask for it at our front desk.