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Thanks to C-SPAN for filming and posting many of our recent lectures. Please see the list below for links to C-SPAN's website and videos of the listed lectures. 

The Museum has also begun filming lectures and posting them to our YouTube page. 

The Life of Winnie Davis

Author Heath Hardage Lee discusses the life of Winnie Davis, daughter of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Lee describes Winnie’s life growing up in the Confederate White House in Richmond, her post-war rise to popularity in both the North and the South, and her writing career. 

Watch this lecture on C-SPAN's website. 

The Battle of the Wilderness with Ed Bearss

Legendary National Park Service Chief Historian Emeritus Ed Bearss spoke at historic Hanover Tavern about the battle that kicked off the Overland Campaign. 

Watch this lecture on YouTube. 

"A Spy for the Union" Book Talk

Corey Recko talked about his book A Spy for the Union: The Life and Execution of Timothy Webster. Timothy Webster was a policeman and then a Pinkerton detective before becoming a spy for the Union during the Civil War. He traveled to the Confederate capital multiple times and made many connections high up in the Confederate military and government. He was the Union’s top spy when he was betrayed by fellow spies in 1862 and became the first spy executed in the Civil War. Watch this lecture on C-SPAN's website. 

Robert E. Lee in War and Peace

Donald Hopkins talks about his photographic history book, Robert E. Lee in War and Peace, in which he presents images of Confederate general of Robert E. Lee accompanied by text discussing Lee’s life and antique photographic techniques. Dr. Hopkins researched his book in part at the Museum of the Confederacy.

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website.

Diabolical Designs: The Story of Dahlgren’s Raid

MOC Manager of Education and Programs Kelly Hancock talked about a thwarted Union raid on the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia in late February and early March of 1864. Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website.

John Marszalek at the 2014 Symposium.

The 2014 Symposium

"Person of the Year: 1864" where Gary Gallagher, Harold Holzer, John Marszalek, Joe Mobley, and Craig Symonds presented their nominees via lectures and the audience voted on the winner.

Separate videos of each nominating lecture, the announcement of the final vote, and a Q&A with John Marszalek can be seen on C-SPAN's website.

Hampton Roads and Other Peace Negotiations

In this program given on January 24, 2014, author James Conroy explores the Hampton Roads Peace Conference as well as previous attempts at compromise between political leaders from the North and South. Mr. Conroy is the author of “Our One Common Country:  Abraham Lincoln and the Hampton Roads Peace Conference of 1865.”

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website

Patrick Cleburne Brown Bag Lunch Talk

Patrick Ronayne Cleburne was a native of County Cork who, in the 1850’s, settled in Helena, Arkansas.  During the Civil War, he rose to command one of the finest divisions in either army, winning renown across the South. White House Guide Michael Thomas gave this lecture on January 17, 2014.

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website.

Appomattox: Victory, Defeat, and Freedom at the End of the Civil War

Elizabeth Varon, American history professor at the University of Virginia, recalls Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s surrender to the Ulysses S. Grant-led Union forces at McLean House in Appomattox, Virginia on April 9, 1865.  Dr. Varon spoke at the Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox on November 2, 2013.

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website

The Battle of Chickamauga- Confederate High Tide in the West

This Brown Bag Lunch talk given by Museum Development Officer Will Glasco examines the fighting at Chickamauga Creek and explores the opportunities missed by the Confederates in trying to regain control of Chattanooga.

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website.

Caroline Janney at the University of Richmond

The 2013 Bottimore Lecture: Remembering the Civil War

On September 26, 2013, at the Museum of the Confederacy's and University of Richmond's annually co-sponsored Bottimore Lecture, Purdue University Professor Dr. Caroline Janney delivered a lecture on the subject of her most recent book, "Remembering the Civil War."

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website. 

James I. Robertson, Jr. lectures at Hanover Tavern.

Losing Lee's Right Arm: The Death and Legacy of Stonewall Jackson

On the 150th anniversary of T.J. Jackson's funeral, famed Jackson biographer Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr. lectured on the life and death of "Stonewall" and the wider impact of the general’s passing.

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website.

Elizabeth Varon, Lois Leveen and Ed Ayers at the Museum.

A Spy in the Confederate White House

For Civil War and Emancipation Day on April 6, 2013, the Museum of the Confederacy hosted a panel discussion of “Union Spies in Richmond, the Difference Between Fact and Fiction.” Ed Ayers moderated the discussion and Elizabeth Varon and Lois Leveen spoke about their books on the subject. 

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website.

Ed Ayers at the 2013 Symposium

The 2013 Symposium

"Person of the Year: 1863" where five Civil War scholars presented their nominees via lectures and the audience voted on the winner.

Watch the entire program, featuring Ed Ayers, Joseph Glatthaar, Robert K. Krick, Thomas Sebrell, and Jennifer Weber

Watch the lecture of the winning nominee only.

Robert K. Krick at the 2012 Symposium

The 2012 Symposium

"Person of the Year: 1862" where five Civil War scholars presented their nominees via lectures and the audience voted on the winner.

C-SPAN aired the 2012 Symposium live and allowed viewers to call in and ask questions to the speakers after their presentations. You can watch that broadcast via the following two links.

Watch Part 1, which features the introduction, Robert K. Krick, and David Blight.

Watch Part 2, which features James McPherson, John Mountcastle, Emory Thomas, and the announcement of the audience's vote.

Museum Historian and Vice President of Research and Publications John Coski

Citizens School for Science and Technology Lecture: Naval Technology in the Civil War

John Coski talked about the "arms race" between the Union and Confederate navies within the larger international context of revolutions in naval technology at that time. Technological advances during the Civil War besides the use of ironclads included gains in mine, torpedo, and artillery design, as well as the first-time use of a submarine to sink an enemy ship.

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website.

Gary Gallagher fields a question in the Old House Chamber of the Virginia State Capitol.

The Decision He Was Born to Make

 A special lecture by Dr. Gary Gallagher on Robert E. Lee's decision to leave the U.S. Army and side with Virginia.

This lecture took place in the very spot where Lee formally took command of Virginia's forces on the 150th anniversary of the event, April 23, 2011.

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website.

Jack Davis at the 2011 Symposium

The 2011 Symposium

"Person of the Year: 1861" where five Civil War scholars presented their nominees via lectures and the audience voted on the winner. "

Watch Part 1 which features Ed Bearss, William C. Davis and Christopher Kolakowski.
Watch Part 2 which features Lauranett Lee, James I. Robertson, a panel discussion of all the speakers, and the announcement of the audience's vote and winner of Person of the Year: 1861.

Museum President and CEO Waite Rawls

Southern Secession After South Carolina- Brown Bag Lunch Talk

Museum President and CEO Waite Rawls presented this lecture on how other Southern states followed South Carolina's lead and seceded.

This was the second of the Museum's Sesquicentennial Brown Bag Lunch Series.

Watch C-SPAN's recording of the lecture here.

Cathy Wright and Christmas Traditions

Victorian Christmas Traditions

This special holiday lecture was given by Curator Cathy Wright and showed how people celebrated Christmas during the time of the Civil War.

Watch C-SPAN's recording here.

William Freehling displays the "Old-School" politics of the mid-1800s.

The 2010 Bottimore Lecture

Dr. William Freehling presented “Showdowns in Virginia: The Debates over Slavery and Secession, 1832 and 1861" at the University of Richmond's Keller Hall.

Watch the C-SPAN video of this lecture here.

Peter Onuf lectures on Thomas Jefferson The 2010 Symposium
"Four American Presidents: But What Did They Have to Do with the Civil War?"

Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Jackson and Tyler had more to do with the Civil War than you might think. Civil War scholars Anne Sarah Rubin, Peter Onuf, William Freehling and Edward Crapol each tackle one of the presidents.

Watch all four lectures at C-SPAN's site.

William Seale takes questions from the audience

The 2009 Bottimore Lecture

Dr. William Seale's lecture on "Presidents Lincoln and Davis at Home" compared the two wartime White Houses.

Watch the lecture on C-SPAN's website.

Museum Historian John Coski addresses the panel

The 2002 Bottimore Lecture

Panelists Jerry Russell, Bob Krick, Dwight Pitcaithley, and Ed Ayers discussed "The Battle over the Battlefields," or rather the merits of a federal law requiring Civil War battlefields to incorporate exhibits and programs on the role of slavery in U.S. history.

Watch this lecture on C-SPAN's website.

The panel at the Library of Virginia

The 2000 Evening Lecture Series

Panel Discussion on Lee’s Generalship with Bevin Alexander, Gary Gallagher, Joseph L. Harsh, and Alan T. Nolan.

Emory Thomas

The 2000 Evening Lecture Series

Emory M. Thomas presented “In the Shadow of Freeman: The Burdens of the Lee Biographer” as part of the Evening Lecture Series in 2000.

Watch the C-SPAN recording here.

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