Resource Packets

Renting a resource packet is an excellent way to supplement the regular classroom curriculum by offering a hands-on approach to the study of history. Take an in-depth look at the Civil War through primary source documents and thought-provoking lessons. While all lessons are targeted to a specific grade level, any packet is easily adapted to suit the needs of higher or lower grades.

Packet Rental Fee

The rental fee is ONLY $5 plus postage for a loan period of 60 days. To rent a packet, click on one of the links below to download a loan form. Then return the form along with the payment. Questions? Call (855) 649-1861 x. 121.

A Woman’s War
Focusing on the experiences of Southern women during the American Civil War, the lessons are targeted to 5th through 7th grade students. Activities are centered on primary sources such as letters, photographs, poems, narratives, advertisements and songs.  Includes a slide series. Click here to download the loan form. (This packet is also available for purchase for only $35.00.)

Before Freedom Came
Targeted to 4th and 5th grade students, this packet explores the community life, work and resistance efforts of African Americans in the antebellum South. An audiocassette featuring live recordings is included, as well as activities centered on primary sources such as letters, poems, narratives, photographs, advertisements and songs. Click here to download the loan form.

The Common Soldier
Lessons targeted to 4th and 5th grade students in this packet are centered on three types of primary sources letters, newspapers and photographs. Through first-hand accounts, articles, advertisements and images, students gain insight into the experiences, living conditions and feelings of the common soldier. An interactive Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is included. Click here to download the loan form.

Civil War Music
Using lyrics and music to introduce aspects of the Civil War this lesson unit will enrich any classroom.  Providing lessons on enlistment fever, camp life, drummer boys and the role of music in a slave's quest for freedom, this resource packet contains reproductions of sheet music and photographs, the bones and fife, hardtack, peanuts, a flag, and a CD.  Click here to download the loan form.

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