Music in the Civil War

October 23, 2014 - 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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Josie Butler
159 Horseshoe Rd.
(434) 352-5791 x203

From the times of the ancient Greeks, philosophers have acknowledged the universal power of music to inspire, move, and soothe. The writer who claimed that it’s more important to know who writes the nation’s songs than to know who makes its laws understood this symbiotic relationship and how tightly music has been interwoven into politics and war since those distant times. During the Civil War, the most emblematic songs of the South expressed something deeper than words could capture. In fact, Bruce Catton claimed that historians can’t fathom the Civil War’s emotional impact. Music could – even a hundred and fifty years later. Dr. Robert Maxham, a retired college professor and music executive, will examine the place of music in the camp and on the home front and explore the relationships between soldiers and civilians with their music and their musical instruments.

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