Richmond Exhibitions

The Confederate Years: The Southern Military in the Civil War

The Museum's flagship exhibit chronologically explores the activities of the Confederate armies and navies as documented through artifacts and manuscripts.

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Colors of the Gray: Consecration and Controversy

Think you know the whole story of the Confederate flag? This new exhibition uses flags and memorabilia from the Museum's collection to shed new light on a familiar topic. 

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Gettysburg: "They walked through blood"

This special exhibition tells the story of the climactic fighting on July 3, 1863 with the battle flags, artifacts, and remembrances of the battle.

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Knickknackery: Curiosities from the Museum's Vaults

The Museum of the Confederacy’s collections are rich with objects that are visually interesting, have unique stories associated with them, or are just plain quirky.

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The War Comes Home

How did the war affect the southern people? How did it alter daily life and accustomed roles and responsibilities?

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While visiting the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, make sure to check out The White House of the Confederacy next door!