Online Exhibitions

 When Johnny Came Marching Home- Exhibit Preview

“When Johnny Came Marching Home” uses the Museum of the Confederacy’s rich collection of objects, photographs, and documents to tell the story of Confederate veterans in the postwar South – of the veterans organizations that flourished, but also poignant stories of individual men maimed by war and others who survived into the mid-20th century to become the “living monuments” of the War. This is a special preview of some of those items.

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Orphans of the Battlefield

The Museum of the Confederacy has approximately 250 cased images in its permanent collection, a quarter of which are unidentified. The nine images in this online exhibition are among them. These nine are a little different from the others, however. They were picked up on the battlefields or found among the effects of lost soldiers. Whereas the other unidentified cased images were donated as part of family collections, these were gifted to the museum’s permanent collection by donors who had little to no information about them and hoped that, one day, a visitor would recognize them.

Please note that these photographs are not currently on display at the Museum.

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The Museum of the Confederacy's Quilts

The Museum of the Confederacy presents an online exhibition of one of the world's largest and most historically important collections of Southern antebellum, wartime, and postwar quilts. The collection was photographed in high-resolution and most of the images are available to zoomify like the artifacts on this page. Click on the link below or the quilt on the left to take a tour of this amazing online exhibit!

Please note that these quilts are not on display at the Museum. However, most can be viewed by scheduling a collections research appointment.

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Conrad Wise Chapman: A Confederate Soldier's Paintings of the Defenses of Charleston

This series of 31 paintings was created during the American Civil War by Confederate soldier artist Conrad Wise Chapman and his father, John Gadsby Chapman. These extraordinary works give an in-depth, rarely-seen visual overview of Confederate military structures and Charleston City as they appeared during the Civil War. All 31 paintings have been photographed in high-resolution and are available to zoomify in great detail. Click on the link below or the image on the left to take a tour of this special online exhibition!

Please note that these paintings are not currently on display at the Museum.

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