Flag Conservation Program

In 1993 the Museum initiated a long-term Flag Conservation Program to conserve, increase access, and allow further research of the most definitive collection of Confederate flags in existence.

The program has seen the establishment of a flag storage facility and several research and access programs. It has also made possible continued education and research efforts, including the publication of an illustrated index of the wartime flags, workshops and other programs and services. The Conservation Program’s sponsorship activities conserved over forty flags in the collection for exhibition, several of which were specifically sponsored by groups or individuals. However, this is only a small portion of our extensive collection. Ideally, flags are sent out to specialists in curatorial fabric conservation a costly but necessary treatment that will protect for future generations these fragile fabric symbols of soldiers that fought and died in the American Civil War.

Learn more about the conservation of the Caroline Greys flag in this video!



Your generous contribution today will help The Flag Conservation Program continue to reach its goals:

  • Photography of the entire flag collection
  • Conservation treatment of selected flags for exhibition
  • Evaluations for the silk flag collection for conservation treatment
  • Design and acquisition of a silk flag exhibition case
  • The purchase of additional flag exhibition cases
  • Increase public access to and research of the flag collection.

Flags conserved from 1994-2013 through the Flag Conservation Program.



Flags Currently Sponsored for Conservation

35th North Carolina Infantry

Sponsored by: 35th North Carolina Troops, Co. F

Donate to the 35th North Carolina Flag

2nd Virginia Cavalry, Co. C, "Botetourt Dragoons"

2nd Virginia Cavalry, Co. C, "Botetourt Dragoons"

Sponsored by: Finacstle Chapter #797, UDC

Donate to the Botetourt Dragoons Flag

11th Virginia Infantry

Sponsored by: 11th Virginia Infantry, Co. G, Lynchburg Home Guard

Donate to the 11th Virginia Flag

24th Virginia Infantry

Sponsored by: 24th Virginia Infantry, Co.'s A-K, Reenactors; and 24th Virgnia Infantry, New River Rifles

Donate to the 24th Virginia Flag

60th Virginia Infantry

Sponsored by: William L. Caynor, Sr.

Donate to the 60th Virginia Flag