Strawberry Butter

Millcroft Farms Strawberry Butter is made from fresh Virginia-grown strawberries. Delicious in baking, or on toast and homemade bread! Made in VA. 10 oz.


Apple Pie Jam

Millcroft Farms Apple Pie Jam is made with delicious apple slices, cinnamon and nutmeg. Great on rolls and biscuits, and especially delicious when heated and served over ice cream! 10 oz.


Strawberry Syrup

Millcroft Farms Strawberry Syrup is made with real strawberries, and is great for pancakes, waffles and evn as a topping for Ice cream, or pound cake! 8 oz.


Unsung Hero: The Horse in the Civil War

Unsung Hero presents the story of the millions of horses and mules that were used in all branches of both armies during the Civil War. It discusses how the horses were procured and trained for field use, how they were fed and maintained, and the toll taken on them due to service in the field. Some of the War's most famous horses-- "Cincinnati," "Winchester," "Old Baldy," "Highfly," " Little Sorrell" and "Traveller" are highlighted. 56 Minutes


Heart Shaped Pitcher - Teal

This piece is an example of a commonly used household item. It is not a reproduction of an artifact. Each piece was hand-blown and is one of a kind. No two pieces are identical. This piece measures approximately 6 high.
The natural color of glass is green, because sand has iron oxide or rust in it naturally. To change the color, a metal must be added.


Custer 2X3 Cotton Guidon

General George Custer's wife, Libbie, created this famous swallowtail shape battle flag and personally delivered it to him on the battlefield on March 31, 1865 at Dinwiddie Court House near Petersburg, VA. The original was handmade of silk with the crossed sabers of the cavalry sewn into the middle. Custer flew this flag in every battle for the rest of his life until he was killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876.


Horse Iron Pull Toy Rust

With its working wheels, this charming cast iron horse is a reproduction of a typical 19-th century pull toy. Its rust finish and classic design add warmth and a vintage feel to mantle or shelf.


Great Star Union 35 star 3X5 Flag

During the Civil War, the Union forces used four official flags with 33, 34, 35 and 36 stars .The 35-star flag was the one flown most extensively during this time. During the War, the Confederate State stars were not removed from the Union flags, as the Federal government would not recognize by removing stars. The 35-star flag flew over Union forces from Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Appomattox.


Iron Bird Feeder Birdbath (mini 5x5)

Two playful birds perch on the edge of this miniature bird bath/feeder, ready to take flight. The bowl of the feeders seems to be shaped of overlapping leaves.


Cameo Necklace with Cord (Blue)

Unusual colors and crystals adorn these unique cameos. Easy to accessorize with casual or formal dress, these delightful pieces come in shades of violet, blue and red. A definite conversation piece..

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