General Flag Conservation Program Donors

We greatly appreciate donors who have a passion for flags and we hope you are inspired by their generosity and will contribute to our FCP as well!  The * indicates an individual who has donated more than once in the specific category in which are listed.

2008 Donors

Patrick Gillroy
Marice Finch
Robert Vogler
Arnold M. Huskins
Fielding L. Tyler
James May
Robert J. Burdge
The Central-VA Civil War Collectors Association
Rita J. Aegerter
David M. Edwards*
Byron Schulken
Eric Krupacs
Kevin Killingsworth
James E. Morgenson
24th VA Voltunteer Infantry Regiment Companies A-K
Daniel R. Broh-Kahn
John A. Lowe
Craig T. Hammer
Marcus Points
William A. Burke
Dexter E. Oliver
Ken Boardman
Gregory F. Force
Timothy L. Hazlewood
Scott A. Holmes
Robert A. Johnson
Charles H. Orme
Robert M. Rutledge
Daniel S. Bracken
Dwight Mitchell

2009 Donors

Byron Schulken
Peri Marek*
James A. Mallory
Bill E. Russell
Terry Shelton
W.D. Zirkle
John W. Mountcastle
Harvey Bally
James May
Stanley Longo
David Edwards*
Arnold M. Huskins
58th VA Infantry
Timothy J. Latham
Floyd Tyson
Joseph Elmore
Sheila C. Gibson
Brian Cleveland
Daryl C. Hunnicutt
Robert Burdge
Ann Calhoun
Crown Family Philanthropies
Craig Hammer
Eugene Hunt
Ken Newman
Byron Schulken