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Confederate Southern Heritage Bow Tie

Southern Heritage Bow Tie

The most popularly requested item by our tie customers is finally available - the Southern Heritage Bow Tie! This fully adjustable tie features the pattern worn in Great Britain during the American Civil War to show solidarity with the Confederate States of America. Silk - Adjustable from 13.75 - 17.75.


Museum of the Confederacy Colors of the Gray Tie

Colours of the Gray Tie - Navy

Custom made silk tie depicting many flags from the museum's extensive collection of Confederate flags. Small flag images tastefully arranged on Navy Blue and in Yellow


Mort Kunstlers The High Command Civil War Tie

Mort Kunstlers The High Command Tie

This silk tie features Mort Kunstlers classic print, The High Command. It shows Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson in front of the White House of the Confederacy. Inspired by the actual meeting between the two great generals and President Jefferson Davis on July 13, 1862.


Confederate Generals Tie

Confederate Generals Tie

Silk tie featuring portraits of several confederate generals including Lee, Jackson, Stuart and others.


Confederate Battle Flag Pattern Tie

Battle Flag Pattern Tie

100% silk necktie featuring the Confederate Battle Flag motif over the entire tie. A high quality tie at a great price!


Victorian Lace Parasol in Black

Lace Parasol in Black

This parasol has a beautiful black lace canopy, metal shaft, and plastic curved handle. 28 inches long.


Victorian Lace Parasol in White

Lace Parasol in White

This parasol has a delicate white canopy, plastic finial, and straight wooden shaft with tassel. 35 inches long.


Civil War Era Cotton Haversack

Cotton Haversack

Haversacks were an all-purpose pouch in which Civil War soldiers on both sides carried their most important supplies, including their food rations. Our cotton haversack pouch measures 11 x 12 with a 50 shoulder strap.


Victorian Era Ladies Folding Fan White

Folding fan made with carved spines of wood and white silk 8 1/4 inch length.


Victorian Era Ladies Scene Hand Fan

Victorian Ladies Scene Hand Fan

During the Civil War era, this demure hand-held accessory was used to convey messages more importantly than producing a breeze. We are aware of nineteen of the gestures and their meanings. To mention but a few; handle to lips begged a kiss, dropping meant friendship only, drawing across eyes expressed apology. An intriguing translation is included with each fan. A beautiful portrait of Victorian ladies is hand screened on fabric and trimmed with lace.

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