Robert E. Lee Headquarters Confederate Flag Charm

Lee Headquarters Flag Charm

Enamel charm measures .75" x .5".


Civil War Era Hand Fan Charm

Hand Fan Charm

Feminine and fancy - this fan charm has almost a lacy quality. 5/8" high x 11/16" wide. Sterling silver.


Virginia Dogwood Blossom Charm

Dogwood Blossom Charm

A blossum of one of the South's most beautiful flowering trees (and the state flower of Virginia). 1.25" Sterling Silver.


Civil War Cavalry Crossed Sabers Charm

Crossed Sabers Charm

From Civil War Union officers to the Air Cav of Vietnam to the present, crossed sabers proudly identify the cavalry. Raised two-dimensional Approx. 3/4" x ½. Sterling silver.


Civil War Bugle Charm

Bugle Charm

You can almost hear the call to charge from this lifelike replica. 7/8" Sterling silver.


Small Confederate Battle Flag On Pole Charm

Small Battle Flag On Pole Charm

A smaller version of the Battle Flag -- this one on a pole. Approximately 1". Sterling silver.


Confederate Battle Flag Charm

Battle Flag Charm

The inspirational banner that led the boys in gray as they charged into battle. Approx. 5/8" x 1/2" Sterling silver.

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