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CSA Honor Bear

CSA Honor Bear

Take this cuddly Honor Bear home with you today!  Features a yellow and red CSA patch on the front and the back, and a yellow ribbon around the neck.  About 8.5" tall.


Beginning Quilting Kit

Beginnning Quilting Kit

Patchwork quilting in American dates back to the first New England colonists.  Although most of these settlers brought quilted coverlets with them to the New World, they soon discovered that the harsh winters demanded more substantial blanketing.  Fabric was scarce in those days and the women stitched together what bits and pieces they could find to create larger pieces of cloth.  These primitive "patchworks" were usually sewn randomly in the style knows as crazy quilt.  As America grew, many kinds of patterns for patchwork quilting emerged--Shoo-Fly, Windmill,


Civil War Era Colorful Jacob's Ladder

Colorful Jacob's Ladder

A smaller, more colorful version of our classic Jacob's Ladder!  While it is about 2/3 the size of the classic, it is certainly not short on fun!  Colorful ribbons connect 6 bright wooden blocks that cascade down the ladder.  Approx 2" x 12"


Puzzle in a Bottle

Puzzle in a Bottle

This exciting puzzle maps out major battles and dates of the Civil War.  Comes with the Civil War Battlefield Map ($3.75 when purchased by itself).  No need to add the linked product to your cart though - it will come automatically with your Puzzle in a Bottle!  200 pieces.


Flags of the Confederacy Playing Cards

Flags of the Confederacy Cards

These standard playing cards feature images of the flags of the confederacy on the back.


Civil War Era Spy Decoder Wheel

Spy Decoder

On the battlefield, the accumulation of secret intelligence is one of the most important weapons that can be used to gain vital advantages.  The American Civil War probably involved more spying, including more people, than any other conflict in history.  Spies targeted the capitals of the North and South, Washington and Richmond, which lay only 100 miles apart.  Many a Union and Confederate spy cleverly concealed and smuggled secret information through enemy lines.  This cipher wheel was one such way spies used to pass coded messages back and forth, so if they were inter


Civil War Era Glass Marbles


Marble games have been played in all parts of the world with all manner of playing pieces for more than two thousand years.  Children in colonial America played with marbles made of stone or clay, while nineteenth century children counted glass marbles among their treasured playthings.  Enclosure games, hole games, chase games, and conquering games are traditional marble games that are still very popular today.  Includes instructions for one of the oldest and widely played of the enclosure games is included.


Confederate Generals Playing Cards

The Confederate Generals of the Civil War deck is a facsimile production of playing cards originally published in 1863 by M. Nelson, New York.  Each card features an engraved portrait of a general or statesman of the Confederacy.  Jokers were not included in the original deck, but this reproduction includes two extra cards that bear a list of the names and dates of birth and death of each figure appearing in the deck.  The spellings of the names or the names themselves may differ from those on the cards, due to errors in the original deck.


Mort Kunstler Confederate Playing Cards

The incredible artwork of Mort Kunstler is featured in a special montage on the face side of each card in this regular playing deck. Seven different C.S.A. images feature the soldiers and great generals of the Confederacy including Lee, Jackson, Longstreet and Armistead


Union Teddy Bear

Union Teddy Bear

Plush blue bear comes with mini-kepi and US plastic belt. A perfect gift for any occasion! Measures 7 x 6.

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