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Civil War Spy Coin

Civil War Spy Coin

Hollow coins can be used to carry secret messages undetected and can very easily be passed to a recipient. They can be safely handled without danger of separation and can easily circulate without leaving a trail.


C.S.S. Virginia/Merrimack Model

C.S.S. Virginia/Merrimack Model

A finely detailed metal model of the Confederate ironclad and archnemesis of the U.S.S. Monitor. Purchase along with the model of the Monitor (sold separately) and recreate their classic clash at Hampton Roads, Virginia in 1862. Comes with display base. Measures 6.75 x 2.


Civil War Spyglass

Civil War Spyglass

Fully functional spy glass with faux wood-grain finish. Includes a map of historic battles. Educational text about civil war spys on back of four-color printed folded carton. Spyglass measures 14.


Civil War Compass

Civil War Compass

Fully functional compass in brass-hinged wood case. Blister packed on a four-color printed product card featuring educational text about civil war troop navigation on back. Measures 2.5 x 2.5 closed, and 5 x 2.5 fully open.


Civil War Era Canteen


This toy canteen is covered in gray cloth and comes complete with shoulder strap and stopper.


Small Scale Replica Civil War Cannon

Small Scale Replica Cannon

Small but highly detailed cannon similar to our medium scale cannon. All metal construction. Perfect for any desk top! Measures 7L x 2.5H x 2.75W.


Replica Civil War Cannon

Replica Civil War Cannon

Small but authentically detailed cannon featuring a shiny brass- colored barrel. All metal construction. Perfect for any desk top! Measures 4L x 2H x 3W.


Civil War Appomattox Let Us Have Peace, 1865 Puzzle

Let Us Have Peace, 1865 Puzzle

The famous painting depicting Robert E. Lees surrender to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, VA, by artist J.L.G. Ferris. The painting highlights the high tone of the occasion, the nobility of Lee in defeat and the magnanimity of Grant in victory that began the long process of reuniting a divided nation. Completed puzzle measures 18 x 24 - 550 pieces.


Civil War Era Jaw Harp

Jaw Harp

Jaw harps were among the items traded by peddlers in the early American settlements, and later entertained the pioneers on their long treks west. The note the jaw harp produces depends upon the dimensions of its vibrating tongue, with interesting effects produced by changes in the players breathing patterns. A hardened steel vibrating tongue is mounted on the 3 1/2 metal (lead-free alloy) frame. Each harp is hand tuned and packaged in a poly bag with a history and instruction sheet.


Civil War Era Tin Pennywhistle

Tin Pennywhistle

This handcrafted tin pennywhistle is made in the traditional conical design,12 long, with lead-free solder seam and wood plug. Key of D; packaged in a poly bag with music, history, and instruction sheet.

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