You are bound to find something fun in our collection of Civil War based toys that includes models, replicas, and spy equipment.

Civil War Era Spy Decoder Wheel

Spy Decoder

On the battlefield, the accumulation of secret intelligence is one of the most important weapons that can be used to gain vital advantages.  The American Civil War probably involved more spying, including more people, than any other conflict in history.  Spies targeted the capitals of the North and South, Washington and Richmond, which lay only 100 miles apart.  Many a Union and Confederate spy cleverly concealed and smuggled secret information through enemy lines.  This cipher wheel was one such way spies used to pass coded messages back and forth, so if they were inter


U.S.S. Monitor Model

U.S.S. Monitor Model

A finely detailed metal model of the Union ironclad and archnemesis of the C.S.S. Virginia. Purchase along with the model of the Virginia/Merrimack (sold separately) and recreate their classic clash at Hampton Roads, Virginia in 1862. Comes with display base. Measures 5 x 1.5.


Civil War Secret Marker Kit

Civil War Secret Marker Kit

The American Civil War probably involved more spying than any other conflict in our history. Disappearing ink was an invaluable tool in the spy game and now you can write your own secret messages that remain invisible until the revealer marker reveals them. Each kit includes an invisible ink marker, revealer marker, spy notepaper and instruction sheet.


Museum of the Confederacy Marbled Popper

Museum of the Confederacy Marbled Popper

Find a floor or table with a hard surface, then press your thumbs into the center of the Popper and turn it inside out. Place it on a hard surface, stand back, and watch it pop into the air! Each Popper is made of vinyl and comes in assorted colors. Sold individually. The MOC Marbled Popper measures 2 1/8 in diameter.


Civil War Siege Mortar Replica

Siege Mortar Replica

This is a miniature version of the famous 8-inch siege mortar used extensively during the Civil War to destroy enemy fortifications. Measures 3 x 2.25.


Robert E. Lee Slingshot

Robert E. Lee Slingshot

An all-time favorite, this 8-inch carved wood Robert E. Lee slingshot offers hours of outdoor fun.


Civil War Spencer Carbine Replica

Spencer Carbine Replica

This is a solid metal, highly detailed replica of the Spencer Carbine. Not intended for children under 12.


Civil War Era Colt Revolver Replica

Colt Revolver Replica

This is a solid metal, highly detailed replica of the famous Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver. Not intended for Children under 12.


Civil War Era Musket / Pistol Replica Set

Musket / Pistol Replica Set

These solid metal replicas are heavy and highly detailed. The set includes replicas of the Model 1861 Rifled Musket, the 1853 Enfield Musket, the Spencer Carbine, the Sharp's Carbine and a Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver. An excellent collectible.


Civil War Era Secret Decoder Cypher Wheel

Secret Decoder Cypher Wheel

Both the North and South adeptly gathered information important to their causes. The covert operations of civilian and military spy networks used the latest technology--disappearing ink, complex cyphers, codes, counter-intelligence, and propaganda--all while maintaining operational security. An invaluable tool in the game of espionage, the cypher wheel allowed both sides to carry on unending correspondence in secret code. Includes instructions on how to use cypher wheel. Approx 6 long.

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