Try your hand at some old-fashioned crafting with these kits that allow you to make your own toy or start a new hand-made project.

Beginning Quilting Kit

Beginnning Quilting Kit

Patchwork quilting in American dates back to the first New England colonists.  Although most of these settlers brought quilted coverlets with them to the New World, they soon discovered that the harsh winters demanded more substantial blanketing.  Fabric was scarce in those days and the women stitched together what bits and pieces they could find to create larger pieces of cloth.  These primitive "patchworks" were usually sewn randomly in the style knows as crazy quilt.  As America grew, many kinds of patterns for patchwork quilting emerged--Shoo-Fly, Windmill,

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Victorian Era Knitting Spool

Knitting Spool

The spool knitter is a simple device, dating back to the 19th century and is used to demonstrate French knitting. French knitting is a method of producing a continuous length of knitted (tubular) cord without knitting needles.

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Victorian Era My First Tatting Kit

My First Tatting Kit

Learn to make lace edgings the old-fashioned way, using a tatting shuttle. Our kit includes detailed illustrated directions, quality tatting shuttle and colorful pearl cotton.

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Victorian Era Rolled Fabric Doll

Rolled Fabric Doll

A kit for making a simple doll made from a roll of fabric according to directions in a book printed in 1863. The kit contains instructions and all the materials needed except the needle and thread.

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Victorian Era Handkerchief Doll Kit

Handkerchief Doll Kit

The Handkerchief Doll is perhaps the best known of all folk dolls and is very easy to make. Although the Handkerchief Doll was certainly around during the Revolutionary War times, it is most often associated with Victorian America. During the 19th century, most children were forbidden to play with toys on Sundays. The handkerchief doll was one of the toys that was still allowed, however, because it was a quiet activity. Our Handkerchief Doll contains materials to' make and lace ' one traditional 'play-prettie ' doll.

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