Equip the Civil War buff in your life with our statues, models, and other collectible gifts.

Case Bottle-Cobalt

Case bottles were the most common glass vessels in the first half of the 17th century and were used for storing wine. Their use at Jamestown was wide spread where literally hundreds were recovered. The name derives from the square sides of the bottle that allowed them to be packed into a wooden box or case for easy transport. Bottle is approximately 9" high


Turtle Key Holder Iron

She may look solid, but the shell of this little turtle lifts off to reveal a hiding place. Perfect for paper clips on your desk, or that extra key hidden in the garden.


Creamer Pitcher - Cobalt

This Piece is an example of a commonly used household item. It is not a reproduction of an artifact. Each piece was hand-blown and is one of a kind. No two pieces are identical. This piece measures approximately 3 ¾ high.
The natural color of glass is green, because sand has iron oxide or rust in it naturally. To change the color, a metal must be added.


Virginia Plantation Dark Chocolate-Covered Peanuts

Chocolate-covered peanuts grown in Virginia.  Plantation Peanuts of Wakefield, a Virginia's Finest, uses original recipes handed down through three generations to produce a gourmet peanut of exceptional taste and freshness.  12 oz tin.


Civil War Coin Combo Wine Stopper/Corkscrew

This unique wine stopper/corkscrew features a pewter Civil War coin.  The decorative top unscrews from the stopper portion to reveal a useful corkscrew!  A must-have for any wine lover!  See also our Civil War Coin Shot Glass!


Stonewall Jackson Coin Wine Stopper

This unique wine stopper features a pewter coin with Stonewall Jackson’s name, picture, and birth and death years.  See also our Stonewall Jackson Coin Shot Glass!


Robert E. Lee Coin Wine Stopper

This unique wine stopper features a pewter coin with Robert E. Lee’s name, picture, and birth and death years.  See also our Robert E. Lee Coin Shot Glass!


Civil War in Virginia Snow Globe

This snow globe depicts a Confederate soldier mounted on his horse in front of a Confederate flag, and a Union soldier with a cannon in front of the Union flag. Shake this globe to make it snow on the soldiers, as it so often did in Virginia and other states during the war. 3.75”x 2.5” base, 4” tall.


Cloth Christmas Napkins

These hand-turned Christmas cocktail napkins are perfect for a Christmas tea party! They are double-sided, with holly fabric on one side and gold swirls on red background on the other! When open, they are semi-circles, but when folded off-center accordion-style, they form Christmas trees! Set of 4, available with gold trim or without. 15” diameter unfolded tip to tip, 7.25” at widest point of curve. Christmas tree folded design is approx 8” top to bottom.

**Website exclusive!**


Confederate Christmas Stocking

Confederate Christmas Stockings

These stockings are designed to emulate the uniforms worn by the Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.  Made with gray wool with golden braided design and colored band corresponding to the different divisions of the Confederate Army:  infantry (blue), cavalry (yellow), and artillery (red).  

****Infantry blue is sold out!  We apologize for any inconvenience!****

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