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Lee's Last Casualty: The Life and Letters of Sgt. Robert W. Parker

Lee's Last Casualty

The letters assembled in this extraordinarily rich collection were written by Robert W. Parker, an enlisted Confederate cavalryman who is thought to have been the last man killed in action in the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War.  He is representative of the Confederate Everyman:  a modest farmer in the antebellum years, he was spurred by patriotic fever at the beginning of the war to enlist in the Confederate Army, in which he served until his death during the last charge at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865.  Edited by Catherine M. Wright, 231 pages.


The Confederate Cemetery at Appomattox

The Confederate Cemetery at Appomattox

The cemetery at Appomattox, located on a wayside just outside of the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, contains 18 Confederate soldiers' and one Union soldier's burial grounds.  This little book has been written for the reader to learn about these soldiers and the formation of the Ladies Memorial Association of Appomattox which undertook the task of establishing the cemetery.  By Patrick A. Schroeder, 40 pages.


Thirty-Six Hours Before Appomattox

Thirty-Six Hours Before Appomattox

Thirty-Six Hours Before Appomattox carefully examines primary sources, along with terrain features and archeological data to clarify the events relating to the fighting which took place along Sailor's Creek, April 6, 1865.  The Battle of Sailor's Creek, actually three separate engagements, was the last major battle before the surrender of Lee's army and many of the greatest and most illustrious leaders of both armies clashed together for the last time on this field of conflict.  Sailor's Creek was not the last or only time the armies would be engaged in th


Civil War Soldier Life: in Camp & Battle

Civil War Soldier Life:  in Camp & Battle

This is the first-hand account of George F. Williams of the New York volunteer infantry, with introduction and additional material by Patrick A Schroeder.  This booklet includes a biographical sketch of Williams to give context of the man's background and experience, and his first-hand account includes descriptions of Lincoln, Lee, and McClellan not contained in biographies for those men, making this book a must-read for any Civil War buff!  By George F. Williams, 44 pages.


A History of High Bridge, Farmville, VA

A History of High Bridge

This booklet is an effort by the author to combine under one cover heretofore separately printed information and pictures of High Bridge and include data obtained from personal interviews and first-hand knowledge.  This is a general history complete with bibliography for more detailed history of High Bridge.  By Jo D. Smith, 22 pages.


Civil War Sites in Virginia: A Tour Guide

Civil War Sites in Virginia:  A Tour Guide

Since 1982, the renowned Civil War historian James I.


The Untold Civil War

The Untold Civil War:  Exploring the Human Side of War by James "Bud" Robertson.  Edited by Neil Kagan.  James Robertson, whose weekly talks about little-known people and events of the Civil War aired for 15 years on National Public Radio, brings history to life here in a collection of true stories revealing the human struggles and personal dramas that took place as great events unfolded.  He tells us, for example, how 11-year-old Grace Bedell changed the face of history by urging President-elect Abraham Lincoln to grow a beard and how the pious and abstemious


The History of the Rebel Yell

By Terryl W. Elliott.  Detailed here are the origin and nature of the Rebel Yell, a piece of history largely lost to time.  The text offers a substantial theory of the derivation of the yell, analyzes its variations, and assesses the few documented descriptions and recorded versions in their historical context.  The book includes stories and poems featuring the yell and concludes with a list of references.  160 pages.  Paperback. Item # 20396


White Roses: Stories of Women Nurses in the Civil War

White Roses: Stories of Women Nurses in the Civil War

White Roses: Stories of Women Nurses in the Civil War, by Rebecca D. Larson. More than 40 short biographies of female nurses who served during the Civil War. (70 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, Paperback)


General Lee's Army

General Lee's Army

From Victory to Collapse.Author Joseph Glatthaar draws on a range of sources - from letters & diaries, to war records, to a definitive data base of statistics -to rewrite the history of the Civil War's most important army. 600 pages

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