Abraham Lincoln's Visit to the White House of the Confederacy

Wood engraving (tinted) of “President Lincoln Riding Through Richmond, VA., April 4th, 1865, amid the Enthusiastic Cheers of the Inhabitants” by J. A. Beck, from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, April 22, 1865.On April 4th, 1865, just two days after Jefferson Davis abandoned his house and left Richmond, and just one day after Union forces occupied the city, Abraham Lincoln came to the Confederate capital. Joined by his son Tad, Admiral David Dixon Porter, and about 12 marines, Lincoln came ashore in a rowboat near 17th St. As jubilant members of the city's black population crowded around him, he made his way up to Union Army headquarters, which happened to be in the former Confederate Executive Mansion.

While at the house, Lincoln reportedly ate a small lunch, toured the rooms on the first floor, and met with Union General Godfrey Weitzel. After lunch, Lincoln also met with Confederate Assistant Secretary of War John A. Campbell and the two talked about possible ways to bring Virginia back into the Union.

Lincoln left the house for a carriage ride through the city before returning to the USS Malvern for the night.