Visitor Comments- Richmond

The Museum of the Confederacy encourages feedback from visitors and provides multiple ways to facilitate that feedback. We regularly encourage visitors to post about their experience on TripAdvisor, the results of which can be seen on our Connect page. We also have a feedback button at the bottom of every website page where you can leave your thoughts. Perhaps the most-used method of giving feedback is the Museum's guest register, which includes a "comments" column.  Below is some of the feedback we've received in that register as well as the town or city the guest was visiting from:

  • "Keep up the amazing work."  - Los Angeles, California
  • "Very interesting. Epic." -Weir Wright, Canada
  • "Outstanding" -Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • "What sacrifice was made. We have a new perspective  on this time in history." -Brigham City, Utah
  • "Awesome!" -Palmer, Alaska
  • "Thanks for keeping this available for future generations." -Santa Fe, New Mexico 
  • "This is amazing- I would pay attention in class if we had  this!" -Seattle, Washington
  • "I never knew what the real Confederate flag was." -Wake Forest, North Carolina
  • "I love this museum!"  -Manila, Philippines
  • "Great exhibit on the war! Was thrilled to see the uniforms."  -Melbourne, Australia
  • "Came to see Great Grandfather's sword."  -Santa Barbara, California
  • "Kids loved it- great tours."   -Los Angeles, California
  • "It's one of the top 3 things to see in Richmond- excellent"  -Ontario, Canada
  • "Second visit- loved seeing the Gettysburg battle flags"  -Beverly, Massachusetts
  • "One of the best tours we've ever had."  -Sydney, Australia

As you can see, this institution makes an impression on people from all over the United States and the world! Tourists come from far and wide, not just the state of Virginia.  During the past six months, the Museum of the Confederacy-Richmond has seen visitors hailing from:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand,  Philippines, Russia, Scotland, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. Interest in the American Civil War permeates the world over!

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