Board of Trustees

Civil War Holdings, Inc. is the temporary name of the joint partnership between the American Civil War Center and the Museum of the Confederacy. When the two institutions joined forces in the fall of 2013, a new Board of Directors was created, comprising members of both former boards. See the new Board of Trustees listed below. To learn more about the joint partnership, visit this page.  

Dr. Edward L. Ayers, Chairman

Matthew G. Thompson, Jr., Vice Chairman

Donald E. King, Vice Chairman

Dennis I. Belcher

Robert M. Blue

Edward M. Farley, IV

Robert C. Farmer

Claude P. Foster

George C. Freeman, III

Bruce C. Gottwald

Bernard C. Grigsby

Dr. Monroe E. Harris, Jr.

David C. Johnson

William H. Luke

Robert N. Mayer


Rosewell Page, III

Walter S. Robertson, Jr.

O. Randolph Rollins

S. Buford Scott

Ruth C. Streeter

W. Brandt Surgner, Jr.

Lacy Ward, Jr.

C. Kemper Wharton

Dr. Mario White

Donald M. Wilkinson, Jr.

Samuel B. Witt, III


Ex Officio

Christy S. Coleman

S. Waite Rawls III