Special Items on Display

The Last Meeting of Lee and Jackson

Detail of the 1869 monumental oil painting The Last Meeting of Lee and Jackson by E.B.D. Julio.
Always on display in the Museum's lower level.




Confederate Revolver

This rare Confederate revolver that was stolen from the Museum thirty-five years ago recently made headlines when it was discovered and returned.
On display in the Museum's lobby!


Model of the C.S.S. Richmond

This cutaway model of the C.S.S. Richmond lets visitors learn about the inner workings of a Confederate ironclad. This model and its construction were the topics of two educational vodcasts that can be seen here.


Message in a Bottle

A few years ago, the Museum opened a bottle that had been sealed since the Civil War. Learn about what was inside by reading this excerpt from the Museum's Magazine, and then come see the bottle on display in Richmond.