The Untold Civil War

The Untold Civil War:  Exploring the Human Side of War by James "Bud" Robertson.  Edited by Neil Kagan.  James Robertson, whose weekly talks about little-known people and events of the Civil War aired for 15 years on National Public Radio, brings history to life here in a collection of true stories revealing the human struggles and personal dramas that took place as great events unfolded.  He tells us, for example, how 11-year-old Grace Bedell changed the face of history by urging President-elect Abraham Lincoln to grow a beard and how the pious and abstemious Stonewall Jackson once astonished his men by becoming noticeably drunk.  Six thematic chapters explore the conflict:  The Human Side of War; The Life of Soldiers; Resources, Resolve, & Ingenuity; A War of Firsts; Warriors, Poets, & Scoundrels; and Aftermath.  More than 475 photographs, sketches, relics, and mementos--many of them published here for the first time--highlight the episodes in this remarkable collection.  Hardcover, 351 pages.

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